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Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

Type 4

Building Permit (15.05)

Grading Permit (14.60)

Boundary Line Adjustment (17.40)

Right-of-Way Use Permit (12.35)

Design and Construction Standards Deviation (12.60)

Clearing and Grading Design Deviation (14.60)

Shoreline Exemption (16.05)

Code Interpretation (14.30)

Miscellaneous Administrative Decisions

Minor Tree Removal (18.45)

WCF Collocation on a Transmission Structure or WCF Tower (18.70)

Final Subdivision4 (17.25)

Final Short Subdivision (17.25)

Short Subdivision (Including Revisions and Alterations) (17.20)

Design and Construction Standards Variance (12.60)

Clearing and Grading Design Variance (14.60)

Downtown Design Standard Departure (18.31)

Downtown Permitted Use Determination (18.31)

Temporary Use (18.85)

Shoreline Substantial Development Permit2 (16.05)

SEPA Threshold Determination3

Commercial Site Development Permit (18.31 and 18.110)

Re-use of Facilities (18.85)

Critical Areas Reasonable Use Exceptions (18.65)

Binding Site Plan (17.30)

Major Tree Removal (18.45)

Stormwater Manuals Variance (13.25)

Wireless Communication Facilities Collocations (18.70)

Shoreline Conditional Use2 (16.05)

Shoreline Variance2 (16.05)

Preliminary Subdivision (17.20)

Plat Alterations (17.25)

Preliminary Subdivision Revisions (17.20)

Zoning Variance (18.125)

Conditional Use Permits (18.125)

New Wireless Communication Facility Towers and Height Modifications (18.70)

Shoreline Environment Redesignations (16.05)

Plat or Short Plat Vacations (17.25)

Street Vacations (12.55)

1If a conflict between this chart and the text of the CMC exists, the text of the CMC controls.

2See CMC 16.05.090(13), Appeals, for shoreline decisions and permits. Any Type 1 decision made by the Shoreline Administrator may be appealed to the Hearing Examiner. When applications for shoreline permits are combined with other permits requiring Type 3 or 4 land use decisions, the Examiner, not the Director, makes the decision. All shoreline permits, including shoreline substantial development permits, shoreline variances and conditional uses, and the upholding of a letter of exemption are appealable to the State Shorelines Hearings Board and not to the Hearing Examiner.

3Appeal to Examiner is limited to the SEPA threshold determination for a project permit. The decision on the Type 1 permit itself is appealable to Superior Court.

4Final subdivisions are submitted to the Department for review and are approved by City Manager or by his or her designee.

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