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(1) Building Footprint.

(a) Cottage units shall have a maximum building footprint of 1,000 square feet.

(b) The footprint of an attached one-car garage is not included in this maximum, but shall not exceed 200 square feet per unit.

(c) Two-unit attached structures shall not exceed a building footprint of 2,000 square feet for one-story units or 1,800 square feet for either one-and-a-half or two-story units.

(2) Floor Area. The maximum total floor area of cottage units shall be 1,600 square feet. An additional 200 square feet is permitted for an attached garage.

(3) Building Height. The maximum building height shall be 18 feet, with a maximum of 25 feet allowed to the roof ridge and a minimum roof slope of 6:12.

(4) Stories.

(a) Cottages may have a second partial or full story, providing that the floor area of the second story is no more than 0.6 of the square footage of the main floor. E.g., a cottage with an 800-square-foot building footprint (main floor) could have a second floor of 480 square feet, for a total floor area of 1,280 square feet.

(b) A below-grade partial story may be allowed, but habitable space on that story shall count toward the total floor area of the cottage.

(5) Two-Unit Structures.

(a) Attached two-unit structures should be similar in appearance to detached cottages and have one primary entry facing the common open space.

(b) The number of attached units in a cottage development may not exceed one-third of the total number of units.

(6) Porches. Attached, covered porches are required with a minimum of 64 square feet per unit and a minimum of seven feet on all sides.

(7) Fences.

(a) Fences around dwelling units or on the street frontage shall not exceed 36 inches in height.

(b) Fences along nonfrontage property line shall not exceed six feet in height.

(8) Existing Dwellings on the Site. Existing dwellings may be incorporated into the development as a residence or community building, and may be nonconforming to standards. Noncompliance may not be increased.

(9) Renovation and Expansion.

(a) Renovations shall be in keeping with the size and architectural character of the new development.

(b) A covenant restricting any increases in unit size after initial construction beyond the maximum allowed by this section shall be recorded against the property. (Ord. 10-09 § 1 (Exh. A))