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(1) Common Open Space.

(a) Common open space is a defining characteristic of a cottage housing development. A minimum of 400 square feet per unit of common open space shall be provided.

(b) Up to 50 percent of the common open space requirement may be provided in an area constrained from development such as a critical area buffer, steep slope, or forested area; provided, that its use by residents respects the environmental constraints and regulations.

(c) Common space should be in one contiguous area, or no more than two separate areas.

(d) Each area should have a minimum dimension of 20 feet on all sides.

(e) The primary entry and porches of the cottages shall be oriented toward the common open space whenever feasible (with the exception of units adjacent to the public right-of-way which should have an entry on the right-of-way).

(2) Private Open Space.

(a) A minimum of 250 square feet of usable private open space shall be provided adjacent to each unit.

(b) Side setbacks shall not apply to the calculation of this private open space.

(c) Front or back yards, porches or decks, or additional side yard beyond the five-foot setback may be included in the calculation of private open space. (Ord. 10-09 § 1 (Exh. A))