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Unless otherwise approved by the Director pursuant to any applicable exemption(s), all minor tree removal and major tree clearing permits within the City shall conform to the following standards and conditions and shall be governed by such criteria for their issuance, denial, or revocation:

(1) The tree clearing activity shall not significantly create or contribute to blowdowns, landslides, accelerated soil creep, settlement, subsidence or other hazards associated with strong ground motion and soil liquefaction;

(2) No topping of trees, as defined herein, shall be allowed as part of any regulated activity;

(3) The tree clearing activity shall not create or contribute to flooding, erosion or increased turbidity, siltation or other forms of pollution in any waters of the State;

(4) Tree clearing activity shall be conducted so as to expose the smallest practical area of soil to erosion for the least possible time, consistent with the anticipated construction schedule;

(5) Timber harvesting and conversion of forested lands to nonforestry use within the City of Covington shall not be permitted until such time as a valid forest practices application, permit and notification, under the State Forest Practices Act and Rules, have been submitted, evaluated and issued by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. If, prior to tree harvesting or conversion of forested lands to nonforestry use, a lot owner has not received a permit for future conversion of the site to some nonforestry use or other permitted land use activity, the City shall prohibit application for any land use, development or engineering permit(s) for that site for a period of 10 years. This condition applies to the site, not site owner, and runs with the land. All landowners of timbered or forested lands falling within applicable regulations of RCW 76.09.470 shall notify the City of Covington and the State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and show proof of full compliance with RCW 76.09.470. Upon being contacted by a landowner under RCW 76.09.470, the City of Covington shall notify the State DNR and ensure compliance with such regulations; and

(6) To assure protection of the critical root zone, visual marking of the critical root zone with fencing shall be installed and remain in place throughout any construction. Those trees or ground cover designated for preservation shall not be damaged by scarring, grade changes, dumping or storage of materials, back filling or compaction of soil around trees, or by any other activity that can damage roots or trunks. Land clearing equipment and machinery shall at all times remain outside the critical root zone of any tree designated for retention, except where such area encompasses any road or constructed pathway, during which approved mitigation will be required for encroachment into such critical root zone. (Ord. 02-21 § 2 (Exh. A); Ord. 05-20 § 2 (Exh. A); Ord. 04-08 § 2)