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(1) In addition to the business license required by CMC 5.10.020, no person, corporation, partnership or other organization shall engage in the business of a peddler within the City limits without first obtaining a permit therefor as provided in this chapter. If any individual is acting as an agent for or employed by an individual, corporation, partnership or other organization, both the individual and the employer or principal for whom the individual is peddling must obtain a permit as provided in this chapter; provided, however, that said employer or principal for whom the individual is peddling need not obtain a permit if written proof is submitted to the City Manager establishing that said employer and/or principal has transacted business within the State of Washington for a continuous period of at least three years immediately prior to the application’s filing with the City Manager; provided further, that if the City does not require a license of the employer pursuant to the above exemption, the City may still investigate the employer to see if the employer has in any manner violated any provision of CMC 5.15.040(2) and may deny a permit to any individual employee if violations are found to exist.

(2) The following persons are exempt from the permit requirements and fee provisions of this chapter:

(a) Farmers who peddle agricultural, horticultural, or farm products they have actually grown, harvested or produced;

(b) Any person who is specifically requested to call upon others for the purpose of displaying goods, literature or giving information about any article, service or product;

(c) Charitable, religious or nonprofit organizations or corporations which have received tax exempt status under 26 USC 501(c)(3) or other similar civic, charitable or nonprofit organizations;

(d) Newspaper carriers;

(e) Peddlers operating at any City-sponsored or authorized civic event for a time period not to exceed five consecutive days, so long as each peddler’s name, address and telephone number is submitted to the City, in advance of the civic event, to be maintained in the City records; and

(f) Vendors operating at a farmers’ or public market or other City-sponsored or approved activity under the provisions of a temporary use permit; provided, that the name, address and telephone number of each vendor is provided in advance to the City of Covington to be maintained in the City records. (Ord. 09-09 § 2; Ord. 22-05 § 3; Ord. 66-03 § 1; Ord. 95-98 § 1)