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Minimum density for residential development shall be based on the tables in CMC 18.30.030, adjusted as provided in CMC 18.30.070 through 18.30.080.

(1) A proposal may be phased, if compliance with the minimum density requirement results in noncompliance with Chapter 18.75 CMC, if the overall density of the proposal is consistent with this section.

(2) Minimum density requirements may be waived by the City of Covington if the applicant demonstrates one or more of the following:

(a) The proposed layout of the lots in a subdivision or the buildings in a multiple dwelling development will not preclude future residential development consistent with the minimum density of the zone;

(b) The nonsensitive area of the parcel is of a size or configuration that results in lots that cannot meet the minimum dimensional requirements of the zone;

(c) The site contains a national, State or County historic landmark.

(3) A proposal to locate a single residential unit on a lot shall be exempt from the minimum density requirement provided the applicant either pre-plans the site by demonstrating that the proposed single residence would be located in a manner compatible with future division of the site in a manner that would meet the minimum density requirements, or locates the dwelling within 15 feet of one or more of the site’s interior lot lines. (Ord. 42-02 § 2 (21A.12.060))