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(1) Performance Guarantees.

(a) Prior to the issuance of a major tree clearing permit pursuant to CMC 18.45.060, the applicant shall post with the City a form of performance guarantee/financial security, consistent with the provisions of Chapter 14.105 CMC, in the amount of 150 percent of the estimated cost of replacing and planting trees consistent with the tree preservation requirements, but in any event not less than $3,000. Said financial security shall be executed by the owner and/or applicant and a corporate surety authorized to do business in the State of Washington as a surety. All guarantees shall be in a form approved by the City Attorney and shall include penalty provisions consistent with this chapter for failure to comply with the conditions of the permit.

(b) The City shall withhold issuance of a major tree clearing permit until the required performance guarantee/financial security is approved by the City Attorney and filed with the City. The City may enforce said guarantees according to their terms and pursuant to any and all legal and equitable remedies.

(c) The performance guarantee shall be released pursuant to a prescribed timeline in the agreement to assure survival of any trees preserved or replanted.

(2) Liability. The owner of private property for which a major tree clearing permit application is submitted may be required to enter into a hold harmless/indemnification agreement and covenant not to sue approved by the City and recorded with King County prior to the issuance of the permit. Said agreements shall be negotiated and in a form approved by the City Attorney, and shall run with the land and be binding on the applicant and his/her successors, heirs and assigns for such period of time as shall be determined appropriate by the City. Nothing in this chapter shall be deemed to impose any liability upon the City or upon any of its officers or employees, or to relieve the owner or occupant of any private property from the duty to keep in safe and healthy condition the trees upon their property.

(3) Insurance. Prior to issuing a permit or approving an application, the City may require the applicant to provide a certificate of general liability insurance, with limits of liability in an amount acceptable to the City Attorney, from an insurance company authorized to do business in Washington State, insuring against injury to persons and damage to property, and may require that the City be named as an additional insured.

(4) Licensing. Any person, individual, or corporation, unless an employee or direct agent operating under authority of the City, involved in any tree removal, tree clearing, or tree replanting as part of tree preservation or enhancement related to this chapter, shall first have obtained a valid and current business license from the City of Covington. (Ord. 02-21 § 2 (Exh. A); Ord. 05-20 § 2 (Exh. A); Ord. 04-08 § 2)