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(1) Determination by Director. The Director shall determine the proper procedure for all permit applications. If there is a question as to the appropriate type of process, the Director shall resolve it in favor of the higher type number.

(2) Optional Consolidated Permit Processing. An application that involves two or more procedures may be processed collectively under the highest numbered procedure required for any part of the application or processed individually under each of the procedures identified by the code. The applicant may determine whether the application shall be processed collectively or individually. If the application is processed under the individual procedures option, the highest numbered type procedure must be processed prior to the subsequent lower numbered procedure. If the individual procedure option is chosen, the applicant will be eligible for any fee reduction contained in the current fee resolution.

(3) SEPA Review. SEPA review shall be conducted concurrently with development project review. The following are exempt from concurrent review:

(a) Projects categorically exempt from SEPA; and

(b) Components of previously completed planned actions, to the extent permitted by law and consistent with the EIS for the planned action.

(4) Decisionmaker(s). Applications processed in accordance with subsection (2) of this section which have the same highest numbered procedure but are assigned different hearing bodies shall be heard collectively by the highest decisionmaker(s). The City Council is the highest, followed by the Hearing Examiner or Planning Commission, as applicable, and then the Director.

(5) Hearings. Permits are allowed only one open record hearing and one closed record appeal hearing, except for the appeal of a determination of significance. (Ord. 02-09 § 2)